Monday, August 4, 2014

IPYG Activity, Field Trip in cheongdo

It was the last Saturday of July when IPYG had a field trip in
Cheongdo. I’m so glad I went because I was able to visit an
interesting place not far from Busan.

When we arrived in Cheongdo, the
first thing that we did was go to a restaurant near the terminal and
have Loach soup. That was my 3rd time to eat that and to be honest, the first
two times were not as good as the place where we went that day. I told
my boyfriend before entering the place that Loach soup was not so delicious
but surprisingly, the soup in that restaurant in Cheongdo was good.
After having our stomachs full, we took a short ride and a few minute
walk to the Wine Tunnel.

 It was a very hot day but we were very
relieved when we entered the tunnel. It had a ‘natural
air-conditioner’ as how Koreans described it. There, we enjoyed
drinking wine with different kinds of cheese as some eatavles and talking to
our friends from IPYG. They were really very

The next place that we visited was called PROVENCE and it is also called a PHOTO LAND. There were many cute paintings and sculptures made for people to take pictures with. There was also a concert where lively hiphop songs were sung.

 It was very fun seeing the audience singing and participating
with the performers. Provence is a very good place to spend with
friends and especially as a couple, that’s why IPYG gave time
alone for couples.

At around 9:30, we headed back to Busan by train. It was a fun Saturday.

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